The Very First Of Many…And I Mean It This Time.

Well…here we are entering the blog world with a purpose. A purpose I’ve waited to act on for 10..days. After some deep thinking and talking with others, I decided to make it a reality. So here I am! Even better, doing this from work. Hopefully this evil doesn’t notice me.

So who are we? I say we because it’s not only one person contributing to this blog. We are both just two guys from Brooklyn, NY speaking or in this case writing what’s on our mind for the moment. I’m going to just introduce myself first since I am the brains of this operation. At least I would like to think so.

I’m Darnell. You could be Dee aka DJ aka Sweettooth aka… you get the point. I constantly have a lot on my mind. Good bad and unfortunately ugly. The good thing is I could use this blog right here as my outlet to express my opinions and also my love for a whole bunch of other stuff. I joke alot and im very sarcastic(In case you couldnt tell by my writing) but also come with serious and well thought opinions.

Well, my name is Jay Grant,(The other brains of this operation, Brooklyn guy that Mr Jackson was talking about. Lol) I am currently 25 years old, this is my first time doing the blog stuff, so lets hope I am good at it…….Lol. I want to bring my personal thoughts in everything that is happening, whether it sports, music, etc, from past, present and possible future. My goal is to share my views on these topics and know the opinions of other people as well.

So what’s the purpose of this blog? Just to throw our educated and researched opinions for others to see. Hopefully you can take away some thoughts from our post on how feel and what we see for certain topics. From sports to music to gaming to life itself. That’s why the blog itself is called SoVariant. We think and talk about everything!

First and foremost, if you want to comment on our post, we encourage it. While we do share our opinions here, we would love to here others opinions as well. Just as much we love people that agree with us (Makes us feel superior right after all haha) we love people that disagree with us. So feel free to comment on anything. Love to engage with others. Now I must get back to working at my real job or I might have to hear it. As in, invisible words constantly bashing my head. Until next post….


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