My Personal Song Of The Day

So I’m at work and I’m doing some work on the companies website but its very tedious, boring, and outright annoying. At least this time. I need some music to get away from these negative feelings and the songs they’re playing over the radio is not working at all (I can only take Pitbull-Time of our Lives for so long) and that’s not my type of music.

So I’m going through my YouTube favorites playlist and put on some Espirit-Summer Night(Listen to it. Its pretty dope). Then I check out the suggestions cause its a good way to discover new music that’s similar to what you are already listening to. Then I see the name Saint Pepsi. Now I absolutely despise the actual drink so seeing the name left a bad taste in my mouth (Literally) but to name yourself after a soft drink or any type of condiment, I assume you’re somewhat original. Clicked the video and heard this:

Long story short, I happily enjoyed the rest of my day and can’t stop looking up this dude music. Thanks YouTube


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