The Music Industry May Not Be Black And White After All

The music industry has been around for YEARS, we have had black, white, asian, spanish, etc, any and every race has contributed to this industry, but the “White rapper is bad for hip hop” talk is getting really outrageous.

Lets start with the rapper Iggy Azalea, by no means am I a fan of her, her rapping skills do not interest me at all, but it’s not because she is white, which I feel some people bash her for. It’s like every time a new rapper comes on the scene, and he or she is white(Iggy Azalea, Eminem, Macklemore), some black people start to hate and get jealous of them becoming popular, why can’t people just dislike or like someone on skills and not put their race into it.

No race owns hip hop, r&b, country, rock. I feel Eminem is one of the greatest rappers ever, based on how witty he is with his words and flow, he can give you funny records like “Without Me”, “Ass Like That”, “Just Lose It” , and then give you more of his serious side with records like ” Cleaning out my Closet, “White America”, “Stan”. I wouldn’t care if Eminem was blue, if he is good at what he does, I’m down to listen, and that goes for any artist.

Macklemore caught alot of flack from the black community for winning a grammy in 2014, now my question is, is it the fact the man is a white rapper, and some people feel like he is invading the rap culture? Or do they think he is really a wack rapper? Those questions always pop up to me when a white rapper gets no love, I understand that there is something called white privilege in the industry, but do we have to bring that up every time a rapper who is not black wins a rap award, it’s getting annoying. I wish as a society in whole, we can give credit to ACTUAL talent, and not give credit just for a skin color and the same goes for critiquing, if we are going to criticize someone, lets actually criticize them on their lack of talent and not worry about if they look like us.

As a 25 year old black man, I dont care if my favorite musician looks like me, my main focus is, can that musician make a song that I can enjoy. We need to throw the race card out the window, and actually enjoy good music, and if you are going to dislike an artist, please let it be because you don’t like their music, not because they have a different skin color from you, at the end of the day we all are humans, and you can be missing out on some great music, just because that artist dosen’t look like you.


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