Quite Possibly The Worst Road To Wrestlemania Main Event Of All Time

I can sit here and shit on most of the product if I really wanted to but I’m not. For me to do that, I would be up all night up into to morning to give my reasons but I’m not that ready yet. Word to Roman Reigns. The title might be a bit hyperbolic but that’s at least how I feel like this moment.

Lets forget most of RAW. Not because it was bad  and a terrible show. For the most part, it was actually decent but we all know (atleast to me) is that the main event is what really matter at it’s core when it comes to Wrestlemania. The main event you’re suppose to be invested in and finally get the pay off at the big event to see whos the guy thats going to be the main focal point for the foreseeable future. Keyword: Invested but there’s a  problem; I’m not. Especially what just transpired on the “Go Home” RAW tonight.

You spend basically a month building up to Roman Reigns vs. Brock. Keep in mind, the last time these 2 dudes crossed paths before tonight was the RAW after Royal Rumble. The Royal Rumble where Roman Reigns the perceived babyface got booed out the building. That was the snowed out RAW so most of the show took place in their building up in Stanford. Sidenote: They basically replayed the two most important matches from the RR for free TV. Shoutouts to the people who paid $40+ for the PPV just to see it free the next night. They only interacted with each for about 5 mins or so but it was a pretty good interaction. Got me somewhat excited about it even though I wasn’t (and still not) into Roman. The next time they would see each other face to face is tonight…2 months later.

Now lets fast forward the rest of RAW to the last segment. Brock and Paul Heyman da Gawd comes out and Heyman like always blesses us with another quality promo. After doing his thing, Roman’s music hits. The crowd goes…mild? The guy the company is putting as their future babyface, the future good guy, the one suppose to get cheered like crazy (Like Daniel Bryan, the most over guy does) but nah. He gets a lukewarm response gets into ring and steps to Brock. Finally these 2 guys are face to face after 2 months and we’re going to get our blow off. This is the moment that’s going to us amped up for WrestleMania because Paul Heyman basically been carrying this feud since the beginning (Pay my man Paul, WWE). So what happens next? Brock holds up the belt in Roman’s face. Roman snatches the belt. Oh shit. Brock goes closer to Roman and  tries to grab the belt. Next thing you know, these bitches are playing tug of war with the belt like kids fighting over toys. This goes on for about 10 seconds while the crowd is booing Reigns in the background. Then…the end. Show ends. The commentators didn’t orgasm over WrestleMania being next Sunday like they usually do. Close captions didn’t come up. Show ended like a show going off for a commercial for a couple of minutes. Stared at my TV like “Da Fuck breh!?” and contiously shake my head.

In all, I don’t give a fuck about the main event anymore. Paul Heyman was the only reason I cared about this feud and going into this main event at Wreslemania, the biggest outcome is if Brock Lesnar is going to re-sign with the WWE or peace out and get money and go back to UFC.  All this last segment proved is most people don’t care about this main event, Roman Reigns is not ready to be in the main event, and Paul deserves to be inducted into the HOF ASAP. Thanks for making Wrestlemania even more wack than it was already looking to be, Vince. At least Walking Dead Season Finale is also on that Sunday! More hyped for that shit than this.


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