Music Videos Are Not Relevant Anymore

There was a time I enjoyed watching music videos all the time. One of many reasons why I enjoyed music growing up. Provided something to associate the song with visually. Like for example Chop Suey by System of A Down showed up just now on my Spotify:

I always thought it was a dope video but I digress. Nowadays, I don’t care much about music videos as much as I would like to. Maybe part of the reason is because not as much thought goes into the videos like they used to or maybe because videos are not as original anymore.

Now I’m not going to say there isn’t anymore original or good music videos because there are. I might not know of some of them but they’re out there on YouTube somewhere. As I always say nothing is 100℅.

Music videos are probably not as needed as much anymore cause the abundance of avenues you can get music nowadays and the rising cost to produce videos. Record companies not footing the bill of production is also a probable cause. Before YouTube, I can say there were more video watching and producing done. Hell, before Youtube, you had shows dedicated to showing music videos like TRL and 106 and Park. Once upon a time, MTV used to be the channel to watch music videos throughout most of the day with VH1 right up there. For me, growing up in NY and being into Hip Hop, Video Music Box was a nice channel to tune into.

Just seems like the “art” and “charm” is not there anymore for videos. Doesn’t feel as authentic, doesn’t look as fun, and most follow a formulaic format of creating a music video. There are some songs I can’t stand that have good videos. Videos so good, I dare say made me not mind the song I didn’t like. That’s what music videos done for me. Made some shitty songs listenable because of the video being interesting.

I could go on but I feel like I’m more than likely go off tangent. Guess the point is I miss spending time enjoying original, wacky, interesting and artful music videos of days past.


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