It’s Time For Us To Start Living A Healthy Lifestyle And Not Just Talk About It

It’s time for people to put down the burger and remote and get their butts out of that chair and start exercising. A lot of people are being lazy when it comes to working out. I guess they hear the word “work” and get fearful, but exercising is not only important, it can be fun and a great stress reliever, your body will appreciate you after it. The wonderful thing is, you don’t even need a gym to get in shape. You can buy some weights, jump rope, do some push-ups, crunches, and jumping jacks in your house. This topic is not only about exercising, but eating and drinking healthy as well. We have to start living a healthy lifestyle. and starting with a healthier diet is crucial.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with eating your junk food, but everything in moderation. I have a weakness for doritos and Entenmanns chocolate chip cookies (They taste so damn good). At the same time, I dont eat them everyday, I also work out 2-3 days a week. I do 10 reps of 10 sets weightlifting with 20lbs weights, 50 crunches, and do some jogging cardio for 20 minutes. After a workout I feel so refreshed, and it’s such a stress reliever for me. People can just take 20 minutes to an hour to workout different parts of their body, its not hard at all, it just takes actual commitment to do it. Eating healthy is just as important as working out. I cut out a lot of different types of stuff like baloney, mayonnaise, frozen french fries, cereal (still like Raisin Nut Bran), white bread, and I started eating more 100% whole wheat bread, fish, walnuts, almonds, collard greens, peas, lettuce, bananas, drinking more water.

Its time we put down less of the cheeseburgers, sodas, pizzas, hot dogs, fried chicken and start incorporating more baked or grilled chicken, vegetables, fruits, and water in our diet. I found this information from, half of all Americans say they are concerned they eat too much unhealthy food (51%) and one-third say they eat too much fast food (37%).

Nearly half of Americans are concerned they eat too much (47%). With growing knowledge about food and its effects on health, and the availability of so many online resources and diet apps, it comes as no surprise that younger adults are more concerned about how much they eat, and what they eat, than older adults. Millennials—born between 1984 and 2002—are the generation most likely to say they are very or somewhat concerned about how much they eat (57%). In contrast, far fewer Elders—born in 1945 or earlier—express concern about eating too much (30%). Gen-Xers (49%) and Boomers (44%) fall between these extremes. This pattern, in which concern about eating habits is greatest among young adults, emerges on a number of food-related topics studied in a new Barna study among Americans 18 and older. Overall, young adults are twice as likely as Elders to express concern about their eating habits.

Kids have a reputation for hating veggies, but according to a majority of Americans, vegetables and fruit are not very popular among adults, either: Nearly two-thirds of adults (63%) report they are concerned about not eating enough fresh produce. Once more, generational and ethnic differences follow the established pattern. Millennials (29%) are more than seven times more likely than Elders (4%) to say they are very concerned about their low level of fruit and vegetable consumption. The percentage of Hispanics (32%) who express this concern is nearly double the proportion of whites (18%). In this respect, two out of five adults say they are concerned they do not eat enough homemade food (42%), and one-third say they worry about unpredictable mealtimes (37%). These concerns are most common among Millennials and non-white Americans. We can’t only spread the word, but we have to start doing the actions as well. Living healthy should be something we should all attain to strive for. I will continue to talk about living healthy on future post. I will list some great websites and videos on healthy eating and exercising at the bottom. Enjoy, and put in the work to achieve the body you want.

Here are some great benefits from working out

Exercise boosts energy

Exercise improves mood

Exercise combats health conditions and diseases

Exercise controls weight

. Exercise promotes better sleep

Also here are some websites

Workout/Diet Videos


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