I Want Graffiti Art Back On New York Trains

I know what some people are thinking. “Graffiti isn’t Art” “Its the definition of Vandalism” blah blah blah. I’ve heard it all before. Graffiti is art. Deal with it. Now some are trash. Like Gang tags, “Scratchitti”, regular looking tags. Those are shit but this:

…this is pretty damn dope. The stuff that really catches your eyes. Showing off almost every color in the spectrum loud and proud. In a way, enhances the surface that was tagged.

I never got to experience seeing Graffiti covered trains on the outside. At least barely. It was more of a occurrence in the 70s and 80s. I briefly remember seeing Graffiti’d trains in the mid 90s but it was type rare. I was already in love with Graffiti art form. Did some myself and even got a chance to tag a wall (I’m pretty sure its cleaned up by now. Its been about 10 years at least). Would always be fascinated by the stories told by cousins and some of the old heads on my block growing. Started looking up everything concerning the subject in that era of New York. From watching Wildstyle and Style wars to looking at old photos of either me or my family members in the train station(Shoutout to Church Ave Station on the B line) and in the backdrop you see a styled out train car. Even looking up some pictures myself on Google:

I can only imagine being in those times and seeing this on almost a daily occurrence. Yeah, there were some tagged up cars that looked like it should’ve been burnt but there were also tagged up cars like above that looked pretty damn amazing.

Call me selfish but I would to see these sterile, bland and ordinary train cars look like their is some life to them. Like a moving art piece for everyone in the 5 boroughs to see. On the subject and of random thought, I miss 5 pointz. Ugh. Another post for another day….Case in point, very selfishly, I want to see boom of Graffiti on trains again. I want to see it on a daily basis on my work and make my day a little bit more colorful. Chances of that happen is nearly zero especially nowadays in New York. Guess I’ll just watch Stylewars for the 40th time to keep those imaginations alive


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