Sickly Mood, Happy Ears

Crappy day today at work. Not because the actual work was crappy but because I felt crappy while working. This is the time around the year I always get sick and it sucks. If my immune system was a person, I would curse it out then tell it to suck it up and get healthy.

On the bright side, ASAP Rocky’s new album came out and I think its dope. At first, I wasn’t feeling it that much but overtime, I’ve grown to like it more after every listen. One track that stood out to me before the album release was Canal st. that featured Bones. Thought it would totally be a new song but nope. Just a added on verse to the Dirt track that Bones already made and only had him on the hook. A little disappointing, but the production still makes up for it. To make the track feel complete, someone on the tubes combined both tracks so Bones can have his own verse from Dirt included into the song. Long story short, I deleted the album version, downloaded this version off YouTube and replaced it. Cypher completed.

I put up a long review of the album but I feel like shit so more than likely I will do it at another time. In conclusion to this very, very short review (Can you even it call that?), give this album a listen especially if you like production.


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