Sony E3 Preview

On this upcoming Monday at 9pm est, Sony will be presenting in their own conference to let us know about the present on future of things to come. From accessories to games to future services, Sony will lay it out on the table for us to speculate, go on unreasonable rants and to anticipate. Sony will for sure have a lot to talk about and show us since this will be a 2 hour conference (My east-coasters, hang in there!). But for now, let the speculation and confirmation begin!

Playstation 4 System

We are just a year and a half into the PS4 generation cycle and it’s been a huge success so far. As of April 2015, PS4 managed to passed through 22 million consoles around the world. I would assume when Sony’s conference starts, they will announce they made the 24 million mark or even higher. It’s safe to say that the PlayStation 4 has found its stride and rolling away with the competition. With Last of Us Remastered, Bloodborne and numerous 3rd party games like GTAV and Destiny and the console being priced at $400, it’s impressive to see the success that came to them. Especially in contrast to the early years of the PlayStation 3. As for this year E3, there is quite much to expect from Sony on the gaming side for the PS4.

Bloodborne DLC expansion could possibly make its appearance during the conference which should excite any Bloodborne fan including myself. I also expect Street Fighter V to be included in the conference which I’m pretty hyped for after seeing the latest trailer for the new mechanics. A new character announcement is due since they’ve recently announced M. Bison. Crossing my fingers for…Skullomania! (Yeah I know. Isn’t happening but a man can dream). God of War III remastered should being making a quick appearance along side the new announcement of Rachet & Clank PS4 which looks beyond awesome. Even though Uncharted 4 has been delayed until Early 2016, say to assume we will get another awesome set piece like we always do with Uncharted. Star Wars Battlefront is also expected to have a big showing as well. Lastly, MGSV also should have a big presence seeing as Sony is heavily pushing MGSV with the upcoming bundle set for Asia. Hopefully, us North America folks get a similar bundle like Asia. Throw us a bone, Sony! We like limited edition consoles as well. Indies should also have a hefty presence at this E3. The PS4 has become the Indiestation these past couple of years and its been nice to see lesser known titles get some shine. Here is the list of some of the games already confirmed to be shown at E3:

  • Uncharted 4
  • Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection
  • Street Fighter V
  • No Man’s Sky
  • Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain
  • Rachet & Clank PS4
  • God of War III Remastered
  • Star Wars Battlefront
  • Until Dawn
  • Playstation 4 Morpheus Headset

    Sony plans on taking part in the VR market with its own headset, The Morpheus, that’s coming out sometime next year. Hopefully, they keep the name because I’ve gotten too used to calling it Morpheus. I know there is people out there who are not on the hype train because of various reasons. Whether it’s because the first try at VR by Nintendo some years ago was terribly bad, don’t believe in the technology, never tried it or simply not interested. I was once not a believer in VR thinking it was just a gimmick and not needed. Then I tired the DK2 version of the Rift. Long story extremely short, I’m officially on the first train to VR city. I’ve seen and read a lot of impressions on it and for the most part its been positive. While it probably won’t have the specs or enough power compared to the likes of the Oculus Rift and HTC/Valve Vive, Morpheus will probably be on the consumer friendly side of the fence with its cost where I expect to be revealed during the conference. With already some titles been announced to support Morpheus (Ark: Survival Evolved, War Thunder and Project Cars) along with rumored titles to have support (No Man’s Sky), it will already have titles to show and prove how impressive the device will be once people try it out. Apparently, Sony will have a pretty big showing of the device at E3 which makes a lot of sense since its coming out next year. Only thing that sucks about it is that us people watching E3 from afar won’t be able to experience the potential of the device. Maybe they could have a deal with big name retailers where there would be demo kiosk to try. Hopefully something like that happens because people need to experience to type of technology at least once and see how far it came.

    Team Ico The Last Guardian

    Now we can’t a E3 without surprises. We also can’t have a E3 without rumors becoming true or staying a rumor for eternity. When it comes to Sony for this E3, they have some rumors swirling around themselves. Some of the rumors are recent while some of them are having their 7th birthday pretty soon. Over the past week, there has been some talk that The Last Guardian -(Remember that game?) will be at this E3. People then proceeded to lose their shit while I’m not giving in to it until I see it. I remember when it was first revealed at E3 2009 and how amped up I was for this game especially coming from the creators of Ico and Shadow of the Collossus. Years passed and it was yet to be released on the PS3. When you think about it, crazy how Team Ico basically skipped over the PS3 generation because if by some miracle Last Guardian is re-revealed, I doubt it would be released at this point and go straight to the PS4. Who knows? We hear it every year that Last Guardian will be at *insert conference* and it never materialized. If its not shown, the hearts that will be broken and the rage of disappointment that could occur is going to be a sight to see.

    Guerrilla Games Horizon

    Another rumor that’s looking like its becoming true is Guerrilla Games new IP. Something other than Killzone! Guerrilla Games will be E3 and mostly likely taking part in Sony’s E3 conference. The new IP will be a Open World RPG and going by the concept art that leaked late last year, it will consist of Robo Dinosaurs, medieval era weapons and various types of environments. Sounds pretty insane but exciting since this the first game that’s not Killzone from Guerrilla Games. As for other surprises to speculate on, the pre-E3 announcements put a damper on some things but there’s still other games to think that come as a surprise during E3. Personally for me, I hope to see Shadow of the Beast since it was was revealed 2 years ago and we haven’t heard a drop about the game since. How about Agent? Beyond Good & Evil 2? Mario on PS4?…that would kill the internet but we know that will never happen.

    As you could see, I’m pretty excited for E3 and what Sony has to offer and reveal as well as others. With the amount of games already on the table to be shown, games yet to have a release date and games yet to be announced, I expect Sony to deliver us the goods this E3. Make me go to sleep extra happy on Monday, Sony!


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