SMACK URL Is Hot Right Now, And It’s Only Getting Hotter.

I have been watching rap battles for years, since I was in highschool. But for the past couple of years, there has been a rap battle competition called SMACK URL, which has been heating up the internet. Even the likes of such big time celebrities such as Busta Rhymes, P. Diddy, Kevin Durant, Drake, etc, has attended the rap event.

SMACK URL (Ultimate Rap League) is considered one of the first media outlets to popularize the raw, acapella battle rap format that is standard in almost all battle rap leagues in the present era. Which was invented by the host Troy Mitchell a.k.a Smack White. SMACK is an acronym that stands for “streets, music, arts, culture, knowledge.” Troy Mitchell started SMACK with DVD’S in the early 2000’s.

SMACK DVD started out as a monthly Hip-Hop DVD series, documenting hip hop lifestyle and beef. After a while, rap battles began to be featured at the end of every DVD, sparking the interest of many fans. It soon became the mainstay of the series and bought acapella battle rap to the masses. After some years the popular DVD met it’s demise and acapella battle rap was removed from mainstream entertainment and returned to the streets of the USA.

In 2010, the former staff of SMACK DVD saw the success of another rap league called “Grind Time” and decided that it was the perfect time to bring street acapella battle rap back to the masses and create the Ultimate Rap League (URL) which he started with his partners Eric “Beas” Beasley and Jean “Cheeko” French. Since then, URL has been the number 1 battle league in the world and has gone leaps and bounds beyond all of it’s competition.

SMACK URL displays the battle talents of rappers such as DNA, Loaded Lux, Murda Mook, T-Rex, Charlie Clips, Ms Hustle, Jaz The Rapper, O’fficial, etc. The battle rap event is very explicit, and the rappers choice of words are very disrespectful to each other, so for these rappers to stand on stage and have a verbal back and forth in front of a large crowd, they have to have thick skin, cause when i say things get personal at this event, I do mean PERSONAL. Nothing is off limits, I have heard rappers talk about other rappers kids, girlfriend, boyfriend, parents, etc. So thick skin is definitely needed, there has been moments when things got out of hand, and fights were started (Math Hoffa vs Serius Jones, K-Shine vs Chess).

The great thing about Smack Url is that they do not discriminate, they allow females and male rappers on the show. So its not just only male rappers or just only female rappers, you get the best of both worlds, and there is also a money winning prize for the person who beats their opponent in 3 rounds. The popularity for URL is only getting bigger, as I stated earlier that big name celebs has shown up to the event, and the crowd is not scared to show their pleasure or displeasure for the rappers performance. I would recommend to anyone who is a DIE HARD rap battle fan, to check out SMACK URL videos.



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