3 DC Stories That Could Be Part Of The DC Cinematic Universe


With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice premiering about a month ago and Suicide Squad on its way to theaters in August, the DCEU starting to take shape, of course as many DC fans including me, start to think about the many storylines or characters people would love see integrated into the DC Extended Universe. Personally for me, there are a lot I can choose from but these are the 3 that immediately came fresh into my mind.

Flashpoint Paradox

While this story focuses more on Flash, this story told in the DC Cinematic Universe would show the idea of an alternate universe. The animated movie gave a more in-depth look and a more serious take on Flash than we are used to. Seeing Flash put in a world where he doesn’t have his own powers, his mother is alive and Iris married to someone else, it shows us Barry Allen in a different way compared to the usual. Barry Allen/Flash is not the only one that’s effected and seen in a drastic way. Thomas Wayne has become a depressing and alcoholic Batman instead of Bruce, Martha Wayne has become the Joker, Superman looking more like Plastic Man than a god and Aquaman and the Atlanteans wages a war on Wonder Woman and the Amazons. Yeah. Basically the Justice League never exists. Seeing that be a part of the Cinematic Universe would be awesome and would give others a different perspective on the Justice League heroes if this was a different world. Probably won’t see an adaptation of this movie until the DC Cinematic Universe is more fleshed out but pretty awesome and tempting to think about.

Teen Titans


This one seems like a no brainer to me. I wouldn’t be surprised if they convert the Cyborg standalone into a Teen Titans movie or some of the titans being by his side. This would be used to introduce a new set of heroes being the successors to the Justice League with Cyborg being the one to bridge the two. Also the team can be a mix with teens and young adults which could be a diverse looking cast. It’s been said DC still has big plans for the Teen Titans ever since they scrapped the TV show that was going to be on TNT. Here’s hoping it involves them together in the cinematic universe because the potential id definitely there. Besides, this could be my chance to see Static on the big screen.

Batman Hush


With the recent announcement of a solo Batman movie in the works, what better way to start off a solo Batman film starting with the storytelling of Hush. While Hush is the main villain, A way to introduce some of Batman’s villains new and existing like Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Catwoman and Riddler. More than likely, if they’re going to put a Batman Solo film after Justice League Part 1, you could place Superman in the movie as well since he has a part in the storyline as well. This would also go a little more in depth into Bruce Wayne’s childhood. Would it seem a little bloated in terms of characters? Yeah you could say that it is a bit but if a Batman solo film turns into a trilogy, this wouldn’t be a bad idea to introduce different characters to flesh out Gotham City for the DC universe.


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