Throwback Thursday. Video Game Edition

I’m back with another edition of “Throwback Thursday”. This time I will share some ¬†videos of my favorite video games that I played growing up. Anyone that is a real 90’s kid can agree with me that video games like “Super Mario”, “Donkey Kong”, “Sonic The Hedgehog” “Tomb Raider”, “Mortal Kombat”, “Street Fighter”, “Tekken”, “Pokemon”, … More Throwback Thursday. Video Game Edition

Holy Trinity Of E3

After years of praying, begging and downright skepticism, we finally get the games we asked for years. In the words of LeBron James “Not 1…not 2…” we have gotten 3 games pulled from the depths of gaming hell and they all occurred at Sony’s E3 press conference. The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy VII Remake and … More Holy Trinity Of E3

Sony E3 Preview

On this upcoming Monday at 9pm est, Sony will be presenting in their own conference to let us know about the present on future of things to come. From accessories to games to future services, Sony will lay it out on the table for us to speculate, go on unreasonable rants and to anticipate. Sony … More Sony E3 Preview