Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice Comic-Con Trailer

Batman v Superman Comic-con trailer was putting on the internet for all to see yesterday and I must say…wow! This is the most I’ve been excited for a movie in years. This trailer did a much better job compared to it’s first one even though the first trailer was a teaser. So many easter eggs grouped together in 3:39 of this video, that it made my head spin. It was also clever to see the reason Batman was so pissed at Superman from the first trailer is because he seen the fight between Superman and General Zod at the end of Man of Steel and seen them both basically destroy Metropolis including Wayne Enterprises. So much questions and things to speculate within this trailer. Jason Todd suit with Joker phrase on it, Wonder Woman in action, Lex Luthor having Zod’s body, Alfred being the voice of reason..ugh!